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Index of Articles

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January 2011 Carburettor Icing Alert System An Investment Opportunity


August 2010 Crosswind Landings / Bowled Over by Boeing Landing Hazards


May 2010 A Study of Fatal Stall or Spin Accidents to UK Registered Light Aircraft 1980-2008


March 2010 Gyroplane Pitch Instability Another Fatal Accident


February 2010 Effects of Air Density on Aircraft Performance / Drug Effects on Pilots in brief


January 2010 Another Fatal Winch Launch Jantar Standard 2 Glider


December 2009 Ultralight Stall Speeds & Handling / Inherent Instability of Gyrocopter Design


October/November 2009 A Ditching That Went Wrong / Beware Large ‘Sailing Ships’  Flying Over Water


September 2009 The Bold and The Old Thoughts on Flying Instruction, by Ann Welch OBE


August 2009 The Emergence of Human Factors by Professor Helen Muir, Cranfield College of Aeronautics


July 2009 Controlled Flight Into Terrain #3 CFIT— A Fatal Mountain Flying Accident


June 2009 One Flight, Nine Decisions, All Wrong DA 42 Twin Star failed takeoff at Lands End


May 2009 Wing Drop During Glider Launch / Traps for Beginners — And Experienced Pilots Too!


April 09 Learning the Hard Way / More Haste, Less Speed / Are Your Students Fit to Fly?


March 09 Eurocopter AS350 Squirrel Fatal Accident Urgent notice for pilots and operators


February 09 Pilot vs Aircraft Limitations / Gardan Manual Error /  Miscellany


January 09 Controlled Flight Into Terrain #2 CFIT — Low Flying in a Jet Provost Trainer


December 08 Qualified And Authorised? / Acceptable Risk Mods can damage your health / Risk perception


November 08 Caution! Turbulence Ahead Design Manoeuvring Speed and Turbulence


October 08 Controlled Flight Into Terrain #1 CFIT — Jodel DR1050 & Robinson R44


September 08 Forced Landings in Light Aircraft — The Constant Aspect Approach Article 2 of 2


September 08 Forced Landings in Light Aircraft — The Constant Aspect Approach Article 1 of 2


August 08 Recent Incidents & Timely Reminders Six brief but important articles


July 08 Carburettor Icing in General Aviation Aircraft Understanding the phenomenon


June 08 Ignorance Will Kill You / Overconfidence Will Kill You Two fatal accidents on takeoff


May 08 Spatial Disorientation / Optical Illusion at Night  The Disorientation Phenomenon / Misleading Visual Clues


April 08 The Darwin Awards / Fit To Fly? Improving the Human Genome / Dangers of Self-Medication


March 08  Accidents on Landing:  Stop Crashing the Cessnas! / Basic Mistake (Aquila AT01) / Socata TBM 700B


February 08  Causes of Human Error / Unanticipated Yaw in Helicopters: Psychological factors /  LTE


January 08  Checks Are VITAL / Thoughts for Flying Instructors: A STOL fatality / Learning from the military?


December 07 Orbits in the Visual Circuit: “The visual circuit …. sometimes degenerates into chaos …”


November 07 Are Noise Reducing Headsets Needed? / Use & Abuse of Aircraft Batteries: Two timely articles


October 07 Accidents on Takeoff: Drag vs Airspeed, Lift Induced Drag, Ground Effect


September 07 Human Error — The Last Frontier / Pushing the Limits: You know it makes sense!


August 07 To Extend Downwind or Not to Extend? Extending during a visual approach is seldom the best option


July 07 Remember Your Training / The Missing Ingredient? A fatal  take-off / Bad habits are habit forming


June 07 Automatic Pilot = Automatic Crash? An automatic pilot can be a valuable aid to GA pilots but …..


May 07 Mindset Can Be A Killer: A fatal ditching and a salutary lesson


April 07 Sea Survival: You can survive in the sea. The author did!


March 07 Ditching Light Aircraft: Not the most common emergency, but preparation might save your life


February 07 Aquaplaning & Tyre Pressures: Aquaplaning is not just a large aircraft phenomenon


January 07 Listen to the Warning Bells: Do they toll for thee?


December 06 Slow Flying : Why would you want to practise slow flying?


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