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International Organisations


European Helicopter Association

With 15 member countries, the EHA was founded to promote the free flow of commercial and private helicopter traffic between European countries by the standardisation of realistic operating legislation. The site contains information on the Association’s work and forthcoming events, and an e-mail enquiry service. The members area of the site has not been reviewed.


European General Aviation Safety Team

A component of the European Strategic Safety Initiative with a remit to promote and initiate best practices and awareness in all sectors of General Aviation. The EGAST team may make non-binding recommendations and EGASTís activities are also streamlined with the EU working group responsible for developing concepts for the better regulation of General Aviation.


European Helicopter Safety Team

With a similar remit to EGAST (above), EHEST also forms part of the European Strategic Safety Initiative [ESSI].


International Council of Aircraft Owner and Pilot Associations

IAOPA is a federation of 53 autonomous, non-governmental, national General Aviation organisations (see below). The site covers the operations of the council, international pilot information and flight procedures, current and archived reports, bulletins, etc., and lists of all member organisations by continent and country. The site also gives advice on forming new national Aircraft Owners and Pilots Associations.



International Civil Aviation Organisation

Organisation formed as a result of the 1944 Convention on International Civil Aviation. ICAO has a wide range of roles relating to the rationalisation of standards, training, licensing, communications, planning, development and much, much more, across regions and internationally. The site carries information and reports on current issues and has a search/FAQ facility.


International Fellowship of Flying Rotarians

Site dedicated to Rotarians with an interest in aviation. The site contains information on Organisation & Sections, Events, Newsletters, Press Releases.


International Society of Air Safety Investigators

Society formed to promote air safety by the exchange of ideas, experiences and information about aircraft accident investigations. The web site covers the organisation and various functions and operations of ISASI, events, publications and a forum for working groups. The Members Area of this site has not been reviewed.


National Aircraft Owners and Pilots Associations

Links have been provided to national AOPA sites where a web site has been found. For other national AOPAs, go to the IAOPA site for contact details.






Czech Republic









New Zealand

South Africa



United Kingdom




Other National Organisations


Australia – Civil Aviation Safety Authority

Comprehensive site covering all of the areas of responsibility and activities of this statutory authority. Responsible for safety regulation; provides safety education and training programmes; and co-operates with the Australian Air Transport Safety Bureau.


Australian Transport Safety Bureau

Australia’s primary agency for independent civil aviation accident and incident investigation. The site contains Preliminary, Interim and Final Reports on accidents and incidents, together with a substantial archive, Technical Analysis Reports and on-line forms for accident/incident notification, including confidential reporting. Other sections of the site include information on identified safety deficiencies, the INDICATE safety program, publications, and conferences and forums.


Canadian Transportation Safety Board

The site contains an ‘Air’ section, principally comprising an archive of accident and incident reports and safety studies extending back to 1994 and beyond. Also includes comprehensive annual Air Occurrence Statistics from 1998.


France – Bureau Enquetes-Accidents

French, English and Spanish versions of the main site available. BEA is the organisation responsible for technical investigation of civil aviation incidents and accidents. The site contains Reports, Studies, Statistics and a News section.


France – Direction Generale de L’Aviation Civile

An English version of some areas of this site is under development. DGAC is the national body with overall responsibility for aviation, and the site contains organisational details, key reports and publications, and information for professional aviators, and on light aircraft licensing and regulation.


German Federal Bureau of Aircraft Accident Investigation

An English version of the main site is available. Site contains accident and incident reports, statistics and publications, although some of this information is only available in German.


Ireland—Air Accident Investigation Unit
Site contains current and archived reports, with guidance on reporting aircraft accidents and incidents and the statutory responsibilities of pilots and operators.


South Africa – Civil Aviation Authority

Comprehensive site covering all of the activities and areas of responsibility of this national civil aviation authority. Includes information on legislation and regulation, aviation security and aviation medicine.


Swedish Board of Accident Investigation

An English version of the main site is available. National body responsible for accident investigation. Initially established to deal with aircraft accidents and incidents, the Board now deals with all serious accidents. The site contains a search engine driven Reports and Abstracts section.


USA – Federal Aviation Administration

The National Aviation Safety Data Analysis Centre (NASDAC). Sophisticated site providing access to US Federal Government aviation safety information and allowing integrated queries across multiple databases and searches of warehoused data. The site contains database sources, categorisation of content by subject area and a repository of aviation safety studies and reports. This site is under continual development.



USA – NASA† Aviation Safety Reporting System

The ASRS collects, analyses and responds to voluntarily submitted aviation safety incident reports with the intention of reducing aviation accidents. All reports are treated in strictest confidence, and the Programme supports a range of outputs designed to disseminate information and alert relevant authorities so that corrective action can be taken. The site contains Reporting Forms, a Reports database and information on publications.


USA – National Transportation Safety Board

The National Transport Safety Board has an Aviation section that contains synopses of more than 140,000 aviation accidents going back as far as the early 1960s, a Major Investigations Manual, accident statistics and guidelines for reporting aviation accidents. A search facility is available.



Portal Sites (Flying Clubs & Schools) & General GA Hubs & Sites

Rather than to try and maintain a directory of flying clubs and schools, we have opted to give links to a range of portal sites that provide listings.† The reason is that club listings tend to be somewhat ephemeral. Not all clubs and schools have easily discovered details. Not all clubs and schools have web sites and not all listed links or details are current. Some listed clubs no longer exist. Not all portal sites list all clubs. Complicated, isn’t it? Many of the portal sites below contain partial listings of contact details for clubs and schools in the UK and elsewhere. Many of the organisations featured on our other links pages give listings of affiliated clubs and schools.



Searchable aviation directory including non-commercial categories.


Air Care Alliance

US charitable organisation providing voluntary pilots and non-flying volunteers for the transportation of patients and medical supplies.


The Aviation Forum

Various forums, including section for student pilots.


Aviation Links

Substantial aviation site with some listings of flight academies, etc.


Aviation Reference Desk

Massive aerospace hub for industry professionals, pilots and enthusiasts.


Cessna Pilots Association

Technical information service for Cessna owners.



Another substantial aviation portal.


Flight Training Coalition

Pilots and flight instructors network.



Air enthusiast’s site with UK flying schools listed by county.



Comprehensive aviation hub, with global flight school listings.



An interesting site which includes mapping of airports across the USA and provides information on surrounding facilities and amenities.


Motion Pictures Pilots Association

Promoting aviation safety for pilots working in the film, television and entertainment industries.


Mountain Flying

US site dedicated to flight safety in mountain environments.



OziPilots Online
Serving the Australian general aviation community.



Online aviation news and archive.



Searchable directory for recreational pilots.



Aviation search engine.

UK general aviation site, with events listings, etc.



US aviation site including directories, forums and flying clubs.



Newly launched (2010) web site for the Spanish speaking GA community.



Flight Safety Sites


Aerospace Medicine Home Page

Site dealing with aviation medicine and human factors in aviation safety.


Aviation Safety Network

Air safety news, including global accident and incident database from 1943 onwards.


Flight Safety Foundation

International organisation for all concerned with safety in flight.


Flight Safety Information Newsletter

Flight safety information, forums and newsletters.



GA Media Sites


ABS Magazine

Aviators Web

Flight International

General Aviation News
Pilot Magazine

Popular Aviation

Todays Pilot


Commercial Web Sites

Gremline will consider publishing links to appropriate commercial sites so long as a reciprocal link is offered. We do, however, prefer to enter into Affiliate agreements with reputable commercial sites wherever possible. A link to a commercial web site does not imply that Gremline endorses the company or its products.

Light aircraft sales and search directory.


Aircraft Investment Group

Full-service aircraft and jet brokerage, sales and marketing.


Aviators and Aircraft

Categorised searchable links and aviation news. Site announced in 2005, promising further development.


Caledonian Advanced Pilot Training

Advanced training for commercial pilots. Publishers of training materials.

43 Air School
Full spectrum flying training in South Africa.



News, helicopter sales, helicopter links and directory.



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