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Information Exchange
The publishers of Gremline welcome material that aviators, agencies and ground service providers feel should be disseminated in the interests of flight safety. We also welcome suggestions on the type of information that would usefully expand this site — our publishing policy is to respond, as far as possible, to the demands of the General Aviation community. Our e-mail, postal address, telephone and fax numbers can be found on the Contact page. Articles and papers should be submitted as MS Word documents, either as an e-mail attachment or on floppy disk or CD to our postal address.
PLEASE complete a virus scan before dispatching material.


Incident Reports & Papers
Although we continually trawl a wide range of sources and receive incident and accident reports from a number of official bodies, not all incidents are reported or reportable through official channels. Gremline welcomes reports of incidents, accidents and, especially, near misses (i.e. incidents that ‘almost happened’) in its role as a disseminator of flight safety information. We also welcome informed articles on flight safety, especially where the subject matter is based on personal experience and hard lessons learned! Gremline is happy to act as a clearing house for responses to published articles in order to stimulate debate (see The Gremline Forum below).
      The editors reserve the right to edit or serialise articles to fit available space, and to verify technical or other information through consultation with specialist advisers where necessary. Potential contributors are advised to study the Copyright page and especially the section on Third Party Material. Contributors are also strongly recommended to contact the publishers by e-mail, telephone or post with an outline of their intended subject matter before submitting articles.




  The Gremline Forum
Our Forum page features correspondence, news and topical editorial comment. Contact the editors on subjects in the public interest. Let us know what you think about Gremline and let us have your suggestions on how the site might be developed in the future.


  Emergency Diversion Airfields
Gremline includes a page listing Emergency Diversion Airfields in the United Kingdom and this feature has been welcomed by official organisations and by our general readership. The agreement by most UK aerodromes to waive landing charges for emergency diversions was the result of persistent lobbying over a long period by AOPA in the UK.

      We are keen to publish details where similar waivers have been agreed in countries and regions other than the UK. Details should be submitted by statutory Civil Aviation Authorities or national AOPAs as MS Word documents, following the style and content of our UK Emergency Diversions page. We are also happy to report on, and support, efforts to persuade airfield owners to allow emergency diversions without charge.



 Useful Organisations & Links
The publishers of Gremline do not regard this web site as entering into competition with other organisations and media. Our content is original, unique and experience-based and is intended to supplement and complement information available elsewhere, whether published on the internet or in conventional media. We are therefore happy to publish links to other web sites that offer material which adds to the body of information on GA issues. Our links pages include brief web site reviews and summaries of the work of the Confidential Human Factors Incident Reporting Programme [CHIRP] and the General Aviation Safety Council [GASCo].

UK Government Organisations, Sports Governing Bodies, etc, CHIRP & GASCo


Global, Commercial & Miscellaneous Links

We are adding to our links pages continually. If your organisation would like a link from Gremline please contact us with your URL, following which we will review your site subject to the conditions that can be found at the top of our links pages. Reciprocal links are greatly appreciated. We will only link to commercial sites where a reciprocal link is offered and are happy to consider Affiliate arrangements with reputable suppliers.



  Glossary of Aviation & Technical Terms

 Short definitions of technical terms and acronyms used in Gremline articles. Many of these terms are in common and general use. This section of the site is updated as new articles are added and the breadth of technical coverage expands.



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