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General Information

Gremline is published by Hill House Publications in twelve main issues a year at approximately monthly intervals. Periodicy of publication may vary and may be delayed to allow inclusion of information and material on pressing flight safety issues. The publishers reserve the right to vary the number and periodicy of issues or to omit publication without notice.


Accessibility Statement

The publishers of Gremline have made every reasonable effort to follow the guidelines on good practice published by the UK Disability Rights Commission, and as required by the UK Disability Discrimination Act.

·          Legibility: Textual content is of a style and size to enable clear presentation by the majority of screen readers. The site has been tested and found to be legible by colour-blind users.

·          Comprehensiblity: As far as possible we have presented content in clear and comprehensible language. It should be noted, however, that much of our content is technical in nature and requires varying degrees of familiarity with the subject matter. A Glossary of Aviation and Technical Terms has been provided.

·          Navigation & Page Loading: The Gremline web site has been designed for easy navigation and rapid page loading. We do not use animated graphics or unnecessary pictorial content, both of which can adversely affect page loading.

·          Plug-ins: This site does not require downloads and installation of plug-in software.

·          Associates, Affiliates and Links: Hill House Publications and Gremline cannot be held responsible for the content and accessibility policies of web sites that can be reached via links from this site.

·          Site Testing: This site has been viewed and tested by a representative selection of users with varying degrees and types of disability. We are grateful for their feedback and have incorporated recommendations where necessary.


Copyright — General

The textual, photographic and illustrative material published on this and associated web sites and in e-mail notifications and other correspondence is protected by the Berne Convention and the Universal Copyright Convention. Note that copyright protection prevents the publication of protected material even in translation. All material, including site design, construction and unattributed content, is the copyright of Gremline and Hill House Publications unless otherwise stated. Please note that publication of material on the World Wide Web does not place this material in the public domain. Material may be reproduced only with the permission of the copyright holder, subject to such terms, conditions and fees as may be imposed by the owner. Material must not be taken out of context and, if edited, must be approved by the copyright holder prior to publication. For all questions relating to copyright, mail us at


Online Access to Gremline Content

Our policies on the reproduction of Gremline material are given below. Alternatively, web publishers may wish to link directly to individual Gremline articles. This does not constitute a breach of copyright and you do not need our permission to do this. We would, however, appreciate a brief e-mail notification — this will enable us to notify you when new content is added to the site. To link directly to Gremline content, go to the relevant article. The URL of the page will be displayed in the address bar. Highlight the URL and Copy/Paste to create a hyperlink. We suggest that the hyperlink is applied to the article title on your own web site, and that you include a brief summary or comment.


Copyright — Education & Training
Gremline and Hill House Publications welcome the use of its published materials for education and training. Students are free to use these web pages as a resource, so long as material printed from these pages is for personal use and includes proper attribution, a copyright credit and the URL of this web site. Such material may not be duplicated or distributed. Educational and training establishments wishing to use our content as course material should contact the publishers in the first instance, giving full details of their organisation, type of course and number of students. We offer a preferential fee tariff to education and training establishments. All course material using our content must include the relevant copyright credit and the URL of this web site.


Copyright — Non Profit & Voluntary Organisations
Gremline and Hill House Publications are happy to support not-for-profit and voluntary organisations working towards improvements in flight safety. Such organisations wishing to use our material should contact the publishers in the first instance giving full details of their organisation, their intended use of our material, print run and distribution figures for printed material, or site traffic statistics where the intention is to publish to the World Wide Web. We offer a preferential fee tariff to not-for-profit and voluntary organisations, which may be waived in some instances. All published material using our content must include the relevant copyright credit and the URL of this web site.


Copyright — Commercial Use
Commercial publishers and other organisations wishing to use our material must contact the publishers in the first instance giving full details of their organisation, their proposed use of our material, print run and distribution figures for printed material, or site traffic statistics where the intention is to publish to the World Wide Web. We will authorise publication only when the publishers have agreed to specific terms and conditions and we have received payment in full of fees. We will retain copyright of all material, and publishers must include the relevant copyright credit and the URL of this web site.


Copyright — Third Party Material
Authors of unsolicited material published by Gremline will retain copyright. Copyright of commissioned material will normally be vested in Gremline and Hill House Publications unless agreed otherwise with the authors. Full authorship credits and contact details will be appended to material accepted for publication. The editors reserve the right to edit or serialise articles and to verify technical information through consultation with specialist advisers where necessary. Gremline and Hill House Publications reserve the right to retain material in an ongoing web site archive. We undertake to forward requests for onward publication to third party authors where copyright ownership remains with the author.



Help Us to Prevent Theft
The publishing policy of Gremline and Hill House Publications is to disseminate information on flight safety issues without charge to visitors to our web site. This site is financed purely by Affiliate commissions, sponsorship, voluntary donations and reprint fees. Theft and unauthorised publication of our material will erode our ability to maintain and expand our service to the general aviation community. If you recognise any Gremline content that has been published without a proper credit, please help us by telling us about it.


Privacy, Security and Data Protection

If you wish to be informed of Gremline updates, please contact us by e-mail (go to foot of page). We will not seek to gather personal information indirectly by using the contact information you have provided or through cookies placed on your computer. We may, however, contact you with requests for information that will enable us to improve the quality of service to our customers, but you will be under no obligation to respond to these requests. All data collected will be retained by Hill House Publications for our own business records and to enable us to contact you with news of Gremline updates. We will not sell or otherwise pass on the information held by us to other organisations or individuals, either within or outside of the European Union. The data obtained through your contacts with Hill House Publications will be held and managed by the Production Editor of Gremline, Barrie Foster, of Barrie Foster & Associates, The Old Coach House, Mathry, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, SA62 5HB, Wales, UK; telephone +44 (0)1348 831081. In compliance with European Union and United Kingdom data protection legislation (UK Data Protection Act 1998) Barrie Foster has been registered as the Data Controller with the UK Information Commissioners Office, Registration Number PZ7519075.



Registration & General Enquiries
To register for site updates
contact us by e-mail at When first registering, it is worth checking that your e-mail server is not mistakenly identifying Gremline mails as spam. Browse your Bulk Folder, open any Gremline mail that appears and click on Not Spam. Please note that our regular mailings never contain attachments. If you receive mail purporting to come from Gremline and showing an attachment, delete immediately.

      For general enquiries use our e-mail address or contact us by telephone on +44 (0)1348 831081 or +44 (0)1348 831882. Our office is open between 9.30 am and 5.30 pm (UK time), Monday to Friday. Outside of these hours, or if for any reason there is no-one available to take your call, a voice mail service will be available. Postal correspondence should be addressed to:


The Managing Editor Gremline

Hill House Publications   Mathry Hill House   Mathry   Haverfordwest

Pembrokeshire  Wales  UK  SA62 5HB



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