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What is Gremline?
Gremline is an independent online magazine dedicated to the dissemination of information on flight safety to the General Aviation community. Many public bodies across the world publish incident reports and accident statistics, but for the most part they are restricted by remit to report only the facts that emerge from incident and accident investigations. Gremline suffers from no such restriction, and is therefore able to comment on possible causes and to draw general lessons from specific reports. The web site is published free to users by Hill House Publications, subject to copyright conditions. Help keep this site free by supporting our affiliates and advertisers. By visiting this site you agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions published alongside our privacy and security policies on our Copyright/Conditions/Contact page. Visitors to the site should ensure that cookies are enabled — go to ‘My Computer’ then ‘Control Panel’ and ‘Internet Options’. Click on the ‘Privacy’ tab and move the slider to the foot of the scale. By visiting Gremline and associated sites you agree to allow us to place cookies on your computer. This is purely to allow a number of site functions. We will not use cookies to gather information about you or your internet usage patterns. We will not pass on your details to third parties.


Public Information
As part of our commitment to flight safety, Gremline maintains an information resource and clearing house for information in the public interest. The site currently contains a listing of Emergency Diversion Airfields in the UK and a comprehensive range of useful organisations and links, with brief reviews of relevant web sites. We are keen to extend coverage of airfields that waive charges for emergency diversions to countries other than the UK. More material will be added to this web site as part of long term development. We also welcome suggestions from our users for expanding the information resource, or material that should be published in the interests of general flight safety. Information Exchange and Forum sections have been reserved for correspondence with the editors on subjects of public concern and on issues arising from the content of this site. Potential contributors should read our Copyright Statement – Third Party Material.


The Flight Safety Digest

Gremline is updated at monthly intervals, with interim updates on matters of pressing concern. The Flight Safety Digest comprises independent editorial comment on flight safety matters and authoritative technical articles. Gremline and The Flight Safety Digest should be of interest to:

Recreational Flyers

Flying Schools
Flying Clubs
Gliding Clubs

Private Charter Companies
Flight Safety Organisations
Aircraft Accident Investigators
Airfields and Ground Service Providers
General Aviation Organisations and Voluntary Bodies
Equipment Manufacturers

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Who We Are
The Gremline editorial and management team consists of John Stewart-Smith (Managing and Technical Editor) and Barrie Foster (Production Editor). We gratefully acknowledge the expert assistance provided by members of the aviation community, both in the contribution of specialist material and in the validation of technical articles.


John Stewart-Smith can demonstrate impressive flying experience, initially as a Royal Air Force pilot and subsequently as a civilian pilot flying military aircraft, where responsibilities also included selecting, test flying and negotiating contracts for the supply of new aircraft systems.

      John has a long track record as a flight safety specialist. He joined the RAF Air Staff as a senior officer and Fighter Command Flight Safety Officer. He instructed at the King Faisal Air Academy of the Royal Saudi Arabian Air Force and later established a Flight Safety organisation that covered military and civil aviation throughout the United Arab Emirates. He went on to function as Flight Safety Officer for the Royal Naval FRADU unit alongside his role as a civilian pilot flying military aircraft on weapons trials. Until 2001 he was a member of the General Aviation Safety Council and was editor of their journal ‘The Flight Safety Bulletin‘. John was a founding independent member of the GA Confidential Human Incident Reporting Programme [CHIRP] and still serves on the board. Gremline is the result of his conviction that flight safety should be seen as a current and immediate concern.

      John was a finalist in the 1998 Royal Aeronautical Society world-wide Aerospace Journalist of the Year Awards when The Airbus Industrie nominated him for the Best Safety Submission of the year for his article on Wingtip Vortices. The RAeS also awarded him a Certificate for his 'outstanding contribution to the understanding of aerospace‘.

Barrie Foster attended the RAF School of Photography, Wellesbourne Mountford, before serving with Bomber Command 1 Group and Signals Command in the UK and the 2nd Tactical Air Force in Germany. After leaving the service he worked for a number of marketing agencies offering photographic, copywriting, design, production editorial and strategic planning services before starting his own tourism and leisure development and marketing practice in 1985. Alongside mainstream strategic consultancy commissions, Barrie continues to work in the creative areas of marketing and communications, in both traditional and new media.

      Barrie completed training in periodical journalism under the auspices of the National Council for the Training of Journalists in the early 1980s. He has contributed to publications and web sites as a writer and associate editor on subjects as varied as outdoor activities and the archaeology of the Neolithic and Early Bronze Ages.



Where We’re Going
Gremline results from the opportunity offered by the World Wide Web to research and disseminate information as it becomes available, without the delays that are inherent in more conventional media. Our editorial policy is to present pertinent information clearly, without frills or annoying plug-ins, in an easily navigable and fast loading format. Most accident reports available from statutory agencies are, quite rightly, restricted to the publication of facts. Gremline looks to draw out the lessons that can be learned from the causal factors of incidents and accidents. Our intention is to continue to develop Gremline as a valuable information resource, especially through co-operation with government agencies and sports governing bodies. In this we will do our utmost to respond to the demands and needs of the General Aviation community.


Standard Publishers’ Waiver
Editorial comment and articles are published in good faith but the publishers accept no responsibility or liability for errors or inaccuracies, however caused.


Hill House Publications

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